Anita Reese ♥

Hi there! Therese Anne Muring is my full name FYI :) I'm a teenager. I text at the speed of light, listen 2 my music too loud, fall in love easily & get my heart broken. A unique Filipina created by GOD to spread the good news and His love. I'm a hopeless romantic girl I want to fall in love but I'm kinda afraid of the consequences that's why all I want for now is an inspiration. Can you be one? :) Looking forward of inspiring each one of you with my blogs. XOXO :D

Thank you for being there when I needed you the most. #WaybackWednesday

P.S. Don’t mind my oinky oink face hahaha.  (at Madonna and Child Hospital)
Memories. (at Divine Mercy Archdiocesan Shrine)
Good night :’)

HAHAHAHAHA. Cheska and Kendra!!!

at Divine Mercy Archdiocesan Shrine
OUCH naman.
Good food + good music.
Good mooooooorning :’)
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